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RUSE.AI is a Montreal based company that developed the next-generation poker software with the first AI-powered solvers, bringing unprecedented speed and interpretability.

The request, the result and everything in-between

The challenge

While keeping the Artificial Intelligence at the core of its brand identity, the client needed a logo that depicts the science behind its solutions and not falling into the technology “clichés” of futurism and direct translation of the word RUSE.

Concept 1: The sigma at the core of the R.

Concept 2: Periodic table of RUSE. Two elements found until now: AI & SIGMA.

The creative process

The first meeting with the client aimed to further discuss and understand their needs, their business strategy and where they were heading with their products and services. That made some fundamental points clear as how to think a sustainable logo and an evergreen concept.

This step is a crucial as it tells us where the competition stands and where we can make a difference.

Three elements at the core of RUSE logo: Type, AI and the sigma symbol. Each in direct relation to the company. The hierarchy of the visual information is based on a strong type, easy to read and memorize while being flexible enough to be represented on all marketing supports and UI elements such as apps icons, website etc.



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